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Download Facebook videos in seconds with Jugglers Bot

Every day, Facebook users send each other more than 3 billion pieces of content. This is not a fictitious figure, but real and honest statistics based on the number of clicks on the "Share" button. Thematic, informative, educational and entertaining - the users of this network love to watch the content that gives out in their feed and therefore willingly repost on their pages or send to friends and acquaintances. But now the ability to share photos and videos from Facebook has become even easier and more interesting thanks to the new Jugglers Bot, which works on the basis of the Telegram messenger. Find out below how to use it properly and enjoy the content downloaded with it in just a couple of seconds without any hassle.

And what, from Facebook, too, can you download videos so easily and quickly?

Yes, yes, and yes again. Downloading videos from Facebook is much simpler and easier than it seems to most active users of this social platform. As a rule, before such functions were available only to other social networks, among which Facebook was not included. That is, if you would like to share something with someone on Facebook, then the only way to do this was to send a link to a person to a specific post. If he was registered on the network, then the link opened without any problems and he could view what you sent him.

But the reality is that not all people in the world are on Facebook. This is absolutely true, despite the fact that today it has an audience of almost 2 billion users. This is due to the fact that the main age category of registered accounts is people aged 35 and above. Thus, not all young people are on Facebook because they use other social networks, which means that they will not see your content if you share it on your page. And in the same way, they are unlikely to register in it to watch the video you sent them a link to.

Who would benefit from this Jugglers Bot feature?

If you are an avid Facebook user, then having a Jugglers Bot is recommended for you in the first place. At least because this way you definitely won’t lose all the content you like. If you want to personally show someone some relevant and useful video, then you do not have to go into the application, look for it and spend time on it. All interesting videos will already be downloaded on your smartphone. If you don’t want to take up extra memory space, then thanks to the correspondence with the bot, you will have the opportunity to store all the videos that you download in the telegram. This is a great idea, because you can immediately send them in a telegram to whoever you want to share with. Agree that most people still actively use telegrams than Facebook.

Also, downloading a video from facebook using the link is useful for people who work with content and specialize in its creation and promotion. Firstly, it will be much more convenient for you to save and retrieve any video that you like and may need for reference. Secondly, you will also be able to store all this in one secure place so that you can open it, show it, share it, or download it in any editor if necessary. Even though Facebook videos are mostly informational in nature, like news, there is also plenty of inspiring and beautiful content. If you work as a videographer, photographer, SMM specialist or content maker, then be sure that it will definitely come in handy for you.

How and in what format will I receive a video from Facebook?

The instruction on how to download videos from Facebook to iPhone using Jugglers Bot is quite simple and straightforward. First you need to copy the link to the video that you liked and want to download it. Then you open the bot, paste it into the line for the dialogue and click "Submit". In just a few seconds, you have a finished downloaded video from Facebook in perfect quality, which fully corresponds to the resolution and size in which it was originally uploaded by the user inside the platform.

Equally important is the format of the downloaded video. It's nice that when downloading with Jugglers Bot, you get not only a high-quality picture, but also a convenient video format that is supported both on iPhone and Android, and on a computer or tablet, and therefore it can be easily uploaded to any video editor and use to create new content or references.

Why is the Jugglers Bot so much more convenient to use than other bots?

Saving time is the first reason why downloading videos from facebook via bot telegram is so convenient. You don't need to spend energy and resources to go to any download site, then paste the link there and wait for the download without closing the tab. With Jugglers Bot, everything works much easier and more functional, because you go to the already familiar and familiar telegram messenger, insert a link and you can do any other business while the bot downloads video content for you. Reliability and provenness - this, by the way, is just the same reason why Jugglers Bot is better than other bots. Due to the fact that it is based on the Telegram application that you use and trust for a long time, you can be sure that there are no tricks in the form of viruses and annoying ads.

What else can surprise the functionality of this bot?

Jugglers Bot can save both facebook video and its individual elements. Among them are background music or sound, as well as text. Thus, you download not only the video, but also a whole post with text, which you may also need in the future. To use these features, you just need to select any of them in the menu that will automatically appear in front of you after sending the link to the bot.