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Download Video From Twitter

ex.: https://www.instagram.com/p/Cdi0U1MoElm/

The most affordable way to download videos, photos, text and GIFs from the popular social network Twitter

Twitter is one of the most interesting and unusual social platforms in the world. In just 140 characters, its users can share thoughts, photos, videos and various events, which can then be read and reposted by hundreds of thousands of readers. Just imagine - today it is used by about 1.3 billion people, and every day more than 500 million tweets are published. But not all of these people know how to get a video, photo or text from Twitter, which sometimes you really want to download. We tell you how to do it in two clicks using the new functional bot Jugglers Bot.

Is it true that Twitter is a godsend for interesting content that is easy to download?

Yes, yes, and yes again. But many users mistakenly believe that Twitter is not the social network from which you can actually download any content on an iPhone or Android, but this is not the case. Twitter, like other platforms related to posting photos, texts and videos, is also easy to download thanks to the Jugglers Bot. Why is this an interesting feature? Let's go in order.

Firstly, almost all famous celebrities, European politicians, Hollywood actors and popular artists are registered on Twitter. Some share various videos from their performances, others from their personal lives. Thus, this social network has a much larger foreign audience, and therefore, there is more interesting entertaining content that is not only interesting for an ordinary person to watch, but also useful for content specialists to monitor in order to look for newsworthy events and keep abreast of news, flash mobs with hashtags and trends. Secondly, sometimes what is not posted on Instagram automatically flies to Twitter, because there the focus of users' attention is shifted to short tweets with capacious information. Therefore, the content that is published on Twitter can be more interesting than when scrolling the feed on other social networks. This is what makes it more valuable, and therefore it is not so easy to download it, but it is absolutely real thanks to Jugglers Bot.

How and to whom can Jugglers Bot be useful when downloading videos from Twitter?

Downloading videos from Twitter is sometimes a great idea that can save your content plan, presentation, or even an entire course. This is especially true for SMM specialists who, for example, want to make a desired post or a prank by substituting it for a news feed from Twitter. For starters, they still have to learn how to save a video from Twitter in order to show it to colleagues and consult together whether the idea will work.

Information producers, marketers, owners of training courses and various programs that, for example, work with Western audiences and want to make content close to their interests, will also appreciate the ability to download videos, photos or text from Twitter. It is also useful in training your own teams when you want to present them with trends from abroad, and for this you need to download tweets and information from them that Western audiences post on their Twitter accounts. It happens that during such work, there is simply no time to copy, take screenshots or even rewrite tweets in order to save them and not lose your thoughts. Information is needed here and now. At such moments, Jugglers Bot becomes the perfect assistant for you.

How fast is the download if I use Jugglers Bot?

As a rule, the process of downloading any content, including videos from Twitter using a bot, takes only a few seconds. In rare cases, it lasts up to 1-2 minutes, depending on the length and size of the video or photo you want to download. All you need to do is simply copy the link to the tweet that contains the information you need and paste it into your browser in telegram. After a short time, you get the original photos and videos that were contained by the link, and you only need to download them to your smartphone: iPhone or Android. Fast, convenient and understandable.

How convenient is it to use Jugglers Bot in Telegram?

At 100%, given the capriciousness of such a social network as Twitter. It is impossible to download any content from it directly in the browser. And, for example, newcomers to this topic who do not yet know about the Jugglers Bot chips, what works in the telegram, go to read complex instructions on how to save videos from Twitter using additional programs. Often - even paid. Such schemes greatly complicate the process of downloading and saving, because you have to spend time on unfamiliar sites and applications that sometimes also download content that is not in its original quality. It is much easier and easier to have one reliable bot at hand in the form of Jugglers Bot, which is located in a convenient and already familiar messenger for you, given that all the downloaded information will be contained in the same place.

What other additional features does Jugglers Bot have?

In addition to the fact that the bot downloads photos and videos in the original, it is also able to save and give you separate text, gifs and hashtags. When downloading, all this appears in your correspondence with the bot and it is easy for you to choose what exactly you need to save to your smartphone from this list. Thus, you will not accumulate a lot of information that will take up extra memory space. In addition, Jugglers Bot has a structured and user-friendly interface, which will greatly simplify your work with content and help you save as many cool photos and videos as you need.