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Easy and clean way to download IGTV video from Instagram using telegram bot?

A few years ago, the Instagram platform launched a new content format - IGTV video. Unlike regular stories and videos in posts, these videos can last not 15 seconds or even one minute, but as much as 10 and much more. As it became known later, the developers planned to create a full-fledged replacement for the familiar Youtube by launching a new full-fledged “TV” for Instagram users. It’s just that IGTV couldn’t get ahead of the popular video platform, but still became an example of engaging and useful content, which was used by many brands and bloggers.

Today, you can download these videos easily and quickly if you use the new functional bot Jugglers Bot, which is available in the Telegram messenger. Thanks to the simple instructions and clear actions of this bot, downloading any IGTV video will take you only a few minutes. Let's tell how it works.

Is it so easy to download IGTV?

The IGTV video format was originally called Instagram TV. It was a completely new feature and a previously unfamiliar feature for users who are used to regular videos in posts. That is why for a long time it was completely unclear whether such videos can be downloaded and if so, through which program it is best to do this.

Some users still think that in order to download videos in IGTV format, you need to download additional programs or look for special sites, but this has not been the case for a long time. Thanks to the Jugglers Bot, downloading such a video takes only a few minutes, and the process itself is no different from the usual process of downloading a video or photo from an Instagram post.

Who can benefit from Jugglers Bot and why?

You never know when you'll have to download an IGTV video. It happens that some Instagram users watch them just to get distracted, but in the end they find useful and interesting videos that they want to share with friends or relatives. It is in such cases that Jugglers Bot is the perfect way to easily and quickly download IGTV videos without any hassle.

It is also a useful tool in the work for various professionals who work with content and promotion. Among them are SMM specialists, targetologists, content makers, photographers and videographers. They can use the bot every time one of them needs to download any video they like: be it for work, references, their own moodboards, or again just for themselves.

How fast is IGTV download from Instagram?

Typically, IGTV videos are between 1 and 16 minutes long. If the video was downloaded, for example, from a computer or laptop, then its duration can even be as much as 60 minutes. This is what determines the amount of time that it will take to complete the download using the Jugglers Bot. On average, it takes no more than 5-7 minutes and happens quite quickly.

It is especially convenient that when trying to download a video in IGTV format from Instagram, you do not need to be in dialogue with the bot all this time and wait until the download is completed. Although it is on this principle that other various resources work that offer to download such content. Most of them ask you not to close the tab or window until the video is completely downloaded. Sometimes this time takes up to 10 minutes, and even more. Agree, there is little pleasant and convenient in this. That is why the creators of the Jugglers Bot took this detail into account and made it possible to do your own business both in the messenger itself and simply on your smartphone while the video is being loaded in order to save your personal time while waiting for the download.

What format does the IGTV video come in after downloading?

Once you have downloaded the link to the video in IGTV format, you can be sure that the Jugglers Bot will download it in the best quality, namely, in the original. This is because when uploaded, the bot allows you to get the most ideal extension, which is practically no different from the original video that you watched on Instagram from the user. And the format of the resulting video after downloading can be easily opened both on an iPhone, and on an android, and on a computer. It does not need to be additionally converted and uploaded to other resources in order to open it freely. Thus, immediately after uploading, the video can be used both for viewing and for sending to anyone, as well as for uploading to video editors where you want to use it to create your content.

Why is it convenient to use the Jugglers Bot in a telegram?

Working inside the telegram messenger allows the Jugglers Bot to be as convenient and easy to use as possible. You can not even download any downloaded IGTV video to your phone, but directly send it in dialogs to your friends and colleagues. This is especially handy when you download IGTV videos that are longer than 15-30 minutes and would take up a lot of space on your smartphone. In addition to downloading, you will also have to additionally upload it in a dialogue with another user. That is why access to the functions of a telegram-based bot gives you many significant benefits, among which the most important are time savings, functionality and an easy way to transfer data.

What additional features does this bot contain?

In addition to the fact that you can download IGTV videos with the help of the Jugglers Bot, you also have the option to remove only a melody, a separate sound, specified text, or just a background image from it. In order to get any of these functions, you just need to paste the copied link in the correspondence with the bot, press send and see the menu of functions that opens, where it will say "Anything that can be done with this link."